Stacy Park, June 5th, 10 AM

We are four mothers

in the park. It’s 10 AM

A hot summer day.

Don’t forget to drink

And put your hat on

Between us,

One Hijab, one Headscarf, One baseball cap

Between us

Five sons, two daughters

One stroller

Now look at that squirrel jump

How she’s climbing up that elm

We talk

Excuse me, do you have a tissue?

Did you drop this?

Have you lived here long?

Between us

Five languages

Phones ring

Mama, Imma, Mommy, Amma

Push me up

Push me up the swing

Higher Higher Help me climb

Between us

All the colors of the earth

It’s a hot summer day in June.




[Stopped by Stacy park with the kids to play. They played with some other kids on the playground while I sat with the moms on the bench. We talked a little. It’s a very good park. I didn’t look at my phone the whole time. When I came back to the car I sat down to write this little poem.]



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